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This blog contains news on our latest design and website projects, advice for clients and general information on websites, web hosting, domain names, SEO and other items.

David Shanahan Optometrist Website Redesign


We often get clients who have lost contact with their first web developer and would like a new look website. Rangs Graphics offers an individual design for our client websites, and David Shanahan Optometrists in Fremantle now have a look look website. Customised buttons throughout the webiste, a new logo, and an edge animation using HTML5 has resulted in a great looking website. You can see it live here: http://www.lookgood.com.au/ more

COAST Port Beach - Menus


Rangs Graphics is a one stop design shop here in the heart of Fremantle. Coast is a new restaurant that has opened down at Port Beach in North Fremantle. Jilly Swingler has designed their menu look and feel and then set the menu text and organised the printing.  more

Kerrigan Valley Beef Poster Design


Here is a poster designed by Jilly Swingler for Kerrigan Valley Beef. We do ongoing graphics work for their posters, labels and other publicity needs. We have also designed and built their website at http://www.kerriganvalleybeef.com.au/ which is hosted on the Adobe Business Catalyst web solution. more

Ex Hair haircare for a good cause


This was a project close to our hearts. Hair care made from cruelty free, organic botanical ingredients, with no parabens, and contributing to a good cause. EX• Hair asked us to produce a website that complied with their product branding look and style. The website we created for them is responsive (it has layouts for phone, tablet and PC) and uses the Adobe Business Catalyst online shop module and the blog module.  more

Absolute Solutions website is now live


Absolut Solutions are Western Australia based distributors of revolutionary Fresche Bioscience Si QAC antimicrobial treatments. They came to us for their logo development and website design and hosting. The design for the the look of this website was done by Sam Blight in CorelDraw. Jillian Swingler rendered the responsive layout for the website in DreamWeaver CC using fluid grid layouts. The website is hosted on the Business Catalyst web hosting platform. Rangs Graphics is a Business Catalyst Partner. more

Bizircus responsive website


The Bizircus website has now got a brand new responsive layout! This means that the website design has a PC, tablet and phone view, especially designed and coded for our client. Bizircus is a Perth entertainment company, presenting stilt walking, street theatre, circus, comedy, fire acts and corporate entertainment. The website has photo galleries and an Edge animate slider on the home page. more

Grubo's Truck'n' logo and website


Grubo’s Truck’n’ is a Perth based general transport and heavy haulage company with specialties in wharf cargo, water cartage and emergency water supply as well as all general freight and machinery transport needs. Their on-call service and prompt response means we are always ready for any job, large or small, wherever it may be, 24/7. more

Foleys Frothing Gut Shots

We were very happy seeing the new Gut Shot labels on the shelf during a recent food shop. If you would like to boost the good bacteria in your gut, then these shots are for you!

Velvet Sushi


We're proud to have just completed and launched the new website of Velvet Sushi - a fashion label that is dedicated to the comfort and styling of real women. more

Walk for Waist website a good cause


Tony Bader is a man on a mission. He plans to walk around Australia over the next few years, picking up rubbish, losing weight and inspiring us to all get fitter and look after our countryside, rather than rubbishing it. Tony calls his project Walk for Waist and commenced his epic walk on 12th of March 2016.  more

  1. David Shanahan Optometrist Website Redesign Mary Blight 15-Dec-2016
  2. COAST Port Beach - Menus Jill swingler 17-Oct-2016
  3. Kerrigan Valley Beef Poster Design Jill swingler 17-Oct-2016
  4. Ex Hair haircare for a good cause Mary Blight 23-Sep-2016
  5. Absolute Solutions website is now live Mary Blight 25-Aug-2016
  6. Bizircus responsive website Mary Blight 31-Jul-2016
  7. Grubo's Truck'n' logo and website Mary Blight 23-Jun-2016
  8. Foleys Frothing Gut Shots Jill swingler 24-May-2016
  9. Velvet Sushi Sam Blight 12-May-2016
  10. Walk for Waist website a good cause Mary Blight 25-Mar-2016
  11. Photo Galleries on your website Mary Blight 16-Mar-2016
  12. Pickled Fairy website is now mobile Mary Blight 23-Feb-2016
  13. Harriss Farming Agricultural Contracting - Logo Design Jill swingler 29-Jan-2016
  14. Ningaloo Discovery - Logo Design Jill swingler 29-Jan-2016
  15. The Sugarless Bakery - logo design Jill swingler 29-Jan-2016
  16. Yogablu Salt Infused Retreats - logo design Jill swingler 29-Jan-2016
  17. Youngs Plumbing has gone mobile Mary Blight 10-Dec-2015
  18. Foleys frothing fermentations product labels Mary Blight 12-Nov-2015
  19. Rubys Patisserie website with photo galleries Mary Blight 10-Nov-2015
  20. Stonecare Responsive Website Mary Blight 25-Oct-2015

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