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Absolute Solutions website is now live

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Absolut Solutions are Western Australia based distributors of revolutionary Fresche Bioscience Si QAC antimicrobial treatments. They came to us for their logo development and website design and hosting. The design for the the look of this website was done by Sam Blight in CorelDraw. Jillian Swingler rendered the responsive layout for the website in DreamWeaver CC using fluid grid layouts. The website is hosted on the Business Catalyst web hosting platform. Rangs Graphics is a Business Catalyst Partner.

Absolut Solutions Fresche Bioscience Si QAC antimicrobial treatments provide ongoing protection against pathogens by penetrating and terminally destroying the delicate cell membrane of bacterial and fungal organisms. This is effectively achieved by mechanically setting a series of molecule "road spikes' on a surface, which attract and destroy pathogens through a process known as lysis. The pathogen cell is drawn onto the molecular spike through simple magnetic attraction and ruptures the cell wall. As the cell wall is unable to control its own hydrostatic pressure, this results in both immediate and terminal disintegration of the cell.

You can view the website here: http://www.absolutsolutions.com.au/

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