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A few questions to ask yourself before you begin the website process...

Having a clear idea of the purpose of your site will help us provide you with an accurate quote.

1. What purpose do I want my website to serve?

  • Will I be simply showcasing my products/services in a simple online brochure site or do I want my site to be a fully fledged online business?
  • Will I be selling something online?
  • Who will be my target market?
  • Will I be using blogs, email marketing campaigns, photo galleries?
  • Do I want to host searchable content, or to allow customers upload content?

2. What is my budget?

  • We can tailor the size and complexity of your site to suit your budget and purpose.

3. Do I have photographs and images for my site?

  • Does your business have a logo already?
  • Do you have photographs of your products, premises, before and after shots?
  • If not we can photograph your products for you and design a logo for you.
  • Alternatively, we can arrange purchasing images online or suggest a photographer.

4. Will I be wanting to update the website myself?

  • Rangs can provide a hosting service which allows you to make alterations to your site yourself.
  • We will also train you to do so, taking you through the necessary steps, which we liken to using Microsoft Word. If you intend to update your site regularly we recommend this.
  • However, if your updates aren't frequent, remembering the steps tends to be time consuming. In this case we find the most simple way is to send us a quick email and we'll make the changes for you quickly and for a minimal fee only.

5. What will the content setup of the website be?

  • Having worked out the purpose of your site, you should have some sort of idea of the content for each page. For example,
  • if you are selling products, you will want to outline what they are, perhaps what they cost, how they can be obtained?
  • You might like to say something about yourself or your company.
  • You know your product best, so it's up to you to provide us with the text you'd like to see on each page, however, we're always happy to make suggestions if you're stuck.
  • Providing us with a text document (like Word or Notebook) with content clearly labeled will make the process a lot easier.
  • Remember, you can always change it down the track, so the first version need not be the final.

6. Do I have to be in Perth?

  • No, we can work entirely by email and phone to create your site. Once we begin to build the site we'll update it to a temporary location on the internet so you can check the progress online. Rangs works with many interstate and international clients, so as long as you have a phone and email connection, it's all possible!

7. Other costs associated with Websites

Other than the cost to design and build your site these are an indication of other costs involved:

  • Hosting - Website hosting is an annual fee. It's the Real Estate for your site, so if you don't have it, there's nowhere for your site to live. Hosting comes in many shapes and sizes and starts from around $250 per year, ask us to suggest one that best suits your purpose.
  • Domain Names - start from around $24 per year. You can do a quick search for available names at: https://www.webcity.com.au/
  • Photography / Sourcing images (if needed) will incur a cost.

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